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4155 E Jewell Ave, Suite 703
Denver, CO 80222

Are you an emotional eater?

Are you experiencing pain?

Are you depressed, anxious or stressed?

Would you instead like to feel calm, energized and amazing?

These are my specialties and no matter what other programs and practices you've tried, this is different!

I offer a unique combination of modalities that support you in releasing blockages, healing and living your life full out.

I am a compassionate practitioner that truly listens and cares about you.

I'm happy to meet with you for a FREE one-hour consultation to see if you connect with me and the modalities I offer.

My Philosophy:

I focus on being in the flow of the universe and all that's around me.  I am blessed and honored to offer my support and gifts to others with love.  I strive to be judgement-free and to know that every person is a divine gift to the world.

My Modalities:

Counseling:  I am a Holistic Health Counselor, providing nutrition counseling and lifestyle coaching, including overcoming emotional eating and bringing more joy into your life.  We focus on health and Healthy Weight Loss.

Subconscious Belief Rewiring:  Through a modality called PSYCH-K®, we discover limiting subconscious thoughts and replace them with empowering beliefs.  We look at negative beliefs around body, money, self-worth, and other areas.  This leads to Positive Thinking.

It works very well to connect by phone for these modalities if you do not live near Denver.

Reiki: My favorite!  Reiki is energy work that aligns body, mind and spirit.  It turns on your body's own natural ability to heal, helping reduce or eliminate pain, relieve anxiety and stress and leads to deep relaxation.  Distance Reiki is just as powerful, and can be used for those outside Denver or while you are having an operation or other procedure.  Reiki Healing will change your life. 

Please check out the About Me and Working with Susan pages to learn more.

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