Forgiveness is Divine

Love is forgiveness.

It is true that we are denying love when we don’t release anger, hatred, resentment and so on – often denying love to those we feel have wronged us and definitely denying it to ourselves.

What person or situation are you upset with today? It could be a coworker, significant other or a cashier at Target.

Or yourself!

You don’t have to know them or even see their face - how about the aggressive driver that cut you off this morning? It can be as recent as today or as long as 20 years ago.

What if there's nothing to forgive?

What if that person was meant to come into your life to share with you or teach you something? Perhaps they (at one time at least) shared a pastime, sport or hobby you now enjoy; perhaps they taught you patience or with them you experienced deep love. Even though it may hurt now, think back on the gifts they brought you.

Remember that you don’t have to get in touch with them to offer your love and compassion (you certainly can if it makes sense). Freeing up the negative emotions and bringing love into your heart is all you need, for it is really for you, not for them.

Sit quietly and contemplate: “Who do I need to offer compassion?” "What do I need to let go of?" Whoever’s face or whatever situation that pops in your head is the one.

And yes, it could be that you need to pardon yourself. We often don't think of sending ourselves love, but instead continue to beat ourselves up.

Think about this person (or yourself) whom you want to offer mercy. Then bring them into your heart. Notice the barriers to your heart and go through or around them. You may not be able to let them in today. Know that that’s okay (don’t beat yourself up!) and that you’ve come one step closer to that release.

When you allow that person into your heart, envelop them with warmth and love and tell them you forgive them. Feel their love coming back to you.

Then send that love out to where they are and out to the world.

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