Body Image

How is your body image?

Do you avoid the mirror?

Do you feel your body is the enemy?

Do you send negative thoughts to your body?

You know that expression – she had daggers coming from her eyes? When you send hate, anger or frustration out to someone they feel it and when it’s coming your way, you know it, right?

Well, when we’re sending those same kind of negative thoughts to our body, it knows it and feels it!

Most of us get our idea of the “perfect body” from the media, but it’s not a realistic body image – my body is meant to have a certain shape at this time in my life; it’s not the same as your body or the model in that magazine.

And then in the same magazine (or during the same TV show), we are inundated with sugar, fat and salt infested foods!

What do we do?

We want those foods so we eat them and gain weight. But we also want to look like the model so we diet – falsely believing that’s the path to the model’s body, our perfect body image.

Unfortunately, diets are temporary, so we go back to eating the way we did before and come to the conclusion we can’t be trusted with food.

This triggers emotional eating, then dieting again (since we can’t be trusted with food!), and so on creating a vicious cycle.

This leads to low self-esteem and a deflated body image– and it’s this that keeps us from getting the healthy body we crave.

Why bother?

I’ll just gain it all back anyway.

I’ll never look like so-and-so.

I just don’t have any willpower.

And so on.

These negative beliefs are the opposite of loving ourselves – which is where we need to go. We can start by taking action.

When was the last time you made time for you? Really did something you wanted to do, and just for you?

I challenge you to do something for yourself today (or at least this week) – a manicure, a date night with your spouse, an hour to yourself to read a fun book.

Next, offer yourself forgiveness – for the cupcake you ate, for yelling at your spouse, for anything that stresses you out and leads you to food.

And finally, create a fabulous body image by sending love to your body and yourself.

If this is hard to do, think of a loved one (spouse, parent, child) and fill your heart with the love you have for them. Then send that love out into your body and your soul.

Really feel it.

And know you deserve it.

Know you are perfect in this moment.

Be as kind and accepting of yourself as you are to others.

We also need to change our thoughts about “dieting” – diets don’t work! And diets actually lead to a negative body image, weight fluctuations, poor health and overall weight gain.

If we want to lose weight simply to fit into a dress for our reunion, we’ll likely just gain it back after it’s over.

And if we’re always feeling deprived and struggling with willpower, we won’t stay on a diet long either.

If instead we look to having a healthy body and create a lifestyle that we WANT to have for the rest of our lives, we can succeed.

When we listen to our bodies, eat in a balanced manner and love ourselves, it happens easily and effortlessly!

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