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Align your chakras and
Banish emotional eating!

Align Your Chakras:

An Experiential Introduction

Chakras are energy centers that receive, assimilate and express information and energy, affecting mind, body and spirit. When the chakras are operating smoothly, we flow through life easily and effortlessly. When one or more are stuck, we may find it hard to move forward due to stress, difficult relationships, procrastination, or similar challenges.

Come learn about the seven-chakra system and practice exercises and enlightening meditations that can help you recognize and release chakra blockages, bring awareness, and facilitate transformation.

Class is a practical, non-religious guide to working with our inner selves to transform our outer world and to become more aligned spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

This is POWERFUL stuff!

Join us to bring more clarity, connection, personal power, healing, and happiness into your life

Emotional Eating:  

It's Not About the Food!

             Do you sometimes feel that food controls you,                   rather than you being in control?

             Are you tired of eating when you're                                  bored, lonely, stressed, and depressed?

Discover what's behind it and learn to give yourself the love and attention you need and deserve in healthful ways.

We will explore mindful eating and other kinds of self-care that will lead to feeling better, losing weight, and bringing more peace, joy, and love into your life. Mindfulness exercises and meditations will support you during this process. 


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