The Gentle Detox Diet Program

Get Rid of Toxins, Boost Metabolism and Energy and Lose Weight – Without Starving!

This detox diet and cleansing program can be done individually or on a group basis. It is a liver detox and colon cleanse - you will get rid of cravings, lose weight and feel great!

Don't let the word "cleanse" scare you. We detoxify through eating cleansing whole foods - there is no shake product to buy. There is one day of juice fasting - otherwise, you are eating good food the whole time.

While the average weight loss is 5-20 pounds, this program is modified for those who want to lose toxins but not weight.

Call or email me to find out the dates of the next group class. They are typically:

* After the holidays (January)
* Spring (May)
* Fall (September)

They are often live, sometimes by phone.

$249 For Entire Program (Early Bird Price: $199!)

Location: I-25 and Colorado

Call or email to reserve your spot:

This Program includes:
* 4 Educational and Interactive Workshops
* The Gentle Cleanse Nutrition Plan (Pre Cleanse, Juice Day, Post Cleanse)
* Trigger Food Elimination/Reintroduction Plan
* Handouts, including grocery lists and stay-on-track charts
* Easy and healthy recipes including great smoothie recipes
* Periodic check ins to ensure success
* Unlimited email support during program

Benefits of this Program:
* Jump start weight loss
* More energy
* Reduce/eliminate cravings
* Clarity of mind
* Better digestion (less gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea…)
* Reduce allergy symptoms
* Less aches and pains
* Reduce inflammation that can lead to illness
* May lower cholesterol, blood pressure, blood glucose levels
* Release emotions (helps depression, anxiety, etc)

You should NOT do this Program if:
* You need but do not have your doctor's permission (for example, if you are diabetic or on medication)
* You are pregnant or nursing
* You have or are recovering from a disease/illness or serious health issue, including mental illness or eating disorders

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