Exercise to Lose Weight

You know you need to exercise to lose weight. But just like eating healthfully, exercise is sometimes hard to fit into our schedules.

You know a solid workout routine is good for you.

Why don’t you just do it?

You may be unsure of the type: should I do cardio exercise, focus on an abs workout to lose belly fat, look at how to build muscle, or go for an overall toned body?

Am I looking to exercise to lose weight, or is it more about my health – to help heart disease or diabetes or just have more energy?

While these questions are important to consider, if we look at a workout routine as a “have to” or a chore, we aren’t going to get excited about fitting it into our lives and it’s not going to happen.

The best of my fitness tips is, if you hate it, don’t do it!

So first ask yourself: “What do I truly enjoy doing?” If you like walking and hiking, then plan on walking in the morning before work or at lunch time and hiking on the weekends. And don’t feel bad if you don’t get to the gym.

If you like lifting weights, go to the gym and perhaps see a personal trainer at least a few times to get started. If you love yoga, do that and don’t worry if you hate lifting weights (yoga can really tone the body!). The key is to do what you love and you’ll really enjoy it.

Next, we often say “I just don’t have the time!”

If health and wellness is a priority in your life, you will make the time.

Look at your schedule – can you take 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at lunch to walk outside or walk the stairs at work? It may mean giving up a coffee run or fattening lunch – which is of course a win/win!

Can you give up Conan to get to bed a half hour earlier so you can get up and workout in the morning? You can also save time by working out at home (I do workout videos often, check out collagevideo.com), or ensuring your gym is on the way to/from work.

And for those all or nothing types - remember, 10 minutes is always better than nothing.

What about lack of motivation?

You’ve heard it before – if you want to exercise to lose weight, get an exercise buddy! It really helps to have that accountability. Set certain times and days to meet at the gym or outside for a walk. You may do better in groups – sign up for the boot camp at work or a yoga class series.

Speaking of accountability, it helps tremendously to get a personal trainer or a wellness coach – they truly motivate and inspire.

Money can be another obstacle – perhaps you can’t afford a gym membership or expensive home equipment. Well, it’s free to walk or take the stairs, a few free weights or exercise videos are reasonably cheap and you can probably find a good price on a treadmill on Craig’s List.

Instead of thinking of it as exercise or workout routines, think of simply MOVING your body.

How can you move your body today?

Perhaps you can play with the dog or kids. Or go out dancing (or dance at home where nobody’s watching!). Our body craves movement and as a society, we simply sit way too much.

Find ways to move every day.

And check out these other fitness tips.

If you want to exercise to lose weight, it’s really about making choices – choose to move, choose to be fit and work out - and you will. Move that body!

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