Fitness Tips

These are my favorite top ten fitness tips for everyone!

1. Stay Hydrated

To perform your best and not add additional stress to your body, you must drink enough water. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends 16+ oz about 2 hours BEFORE exercise; 5-10 oz every 15-20 min DURING exercise; and 16 oz AFTER exercise for every pound lost during exercise.

2 Eat Right

Good balanced nutrition is the way to go for best performance in any exercise. Eating before (about an hour before) exercise has been shown to enhance performance (vs. fasting). Remember to eat plenty of good complex carbs and good protein (but don’t overdo protein – average of about 15% of the diet should be protein).

3. Set Reasonable Goals

Start with small steps to bigger goals. If your ultimate goal is to workout 5 days a week and you are not exercising now, your first goal may simply be to be to check out gyms in the area. The next goal could be to work out one day per week. After just a few months, you will likely be at your ultimate goal.

4. Make Time for Exercise

Schedule it in your calendar like any other meeting and make it a high priority, make plans to hike with the kids, have social time with friends be a walk in the park vs. a lunch or drinks.

5. Put Exercise Into Your Life

Park in the farthest parking lot at work or at the mall, walk to your coworker’s desk (vs call or email), take the stairs whenever you can, walk around the entire store, do sit ups during commercials.

6. Get Support

The key is having accountability. Have a workout buddy, a personal trainer or a wellness coach. Get your friends or neighbors to the park, have your kids remind you it’s time to walk.

7. Go One Step Farther

Take that extra step by writing down your goals and progress. Then visualize yourself as you’ll be when you are in top condition running that marathon or working out daily.

8. Have FUN!

Do what you enjoy. If you hate the gym, don’t join one. Instead get out there and hike or bike or whatever excites you! Join a team, take a dance class, play with the kids, do yoga. Try different things to see what you like best.

9. Feel It

Really touch in to that after-workout high, connect with how great you feel and when you want to bag your next workout remember that awesome feeling. And pat yourself on the back for each milestone – an extra workout day or an additional mile during your run. Reward yourself with a pedicure or new workout clothes.

10. Take a Break

You can hurt yourself if you overdo it by doing too much at the beginning of a program or doing the same exercise over and over. Give yourself rest days and mix up different workouts to give overused muscles a break.

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