Healthy Diet Plan

"How do I know what’s the best healthy diet plan?"

"There is SO MUCH nutritional information out there!"

"Do I believe the hype around the latest diet trends such as the hcg diet ?"

"Do I listen to this study on why caffeine/chocolate/wine/etc. is good for me or this other study on why it’s bad?"

"One day all I should eat is the acclaimed acai berry and the next I should be gluten free."

I know it's confusing!

I’m here to help you sort through it all.

Let’s start with the basics of a healthy diet plan.

Even though I’m all about putting in good food versus focusing on pushing out the “bad”, some things should be avoided as much as possible:
• Fast food
• Fried foods
• Junk food
• Foods with trans fat (hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils) - check out good vs. bad fats
• Processed sugar (Most people are sugar addicts – I know, I used to be one!)
• Artificial sweeteners
• Highly processed food (read the label – can you pronounce everything?)

Instead, focus on eating healthy:
• First, drink LOADS of water! To find out how much water you need, check out the hydration calculator
• Get lots of fruits and vegetables in the diet
• Eat whole grains (no, whole wheat bread is not a whole grain, oatmeal is)
• Eat good protein – including fish, chicken, turkey, and a smaller amount of red meat
• Go for whole, seasonal, multi-colored foods

Have you seen that the government food pyramid has changed to a plate? I’ve always touted the plate idea (it’s easier to visualize your meal this way) – I’m glad the government is doing that now too!

My plate is a bit different though; visualize your plate with these food groups:
½ veggies, ¼ whole grains, ¼ good protein, with fruit for dessert. With water on the side. If you do just this one simple thing, your nutrition will change drastically.

It's also hard to maintain weight if you eat too much of a good thing! Check out these proper portion sizes to ensure you stay on track.

Think of these as healthy dietary guidelines versus weight loss foods.

However, you will lose weight naturally (if that is a goal)!

Of course the plate idea is more for lunch and dinner (half a plate of veggies for breakfast seems a little weird!).

So what is a healthy breakfast?

Most people do best with a carb and protein blend. If you just have cereal, it may not last you long. If you just have protein, you may not feel satisfied.

So have a bowl of oatmeal and an egg on the side. Or a veggie omelet (I just had to sneak those veggies in there!) with a half slice of toast. Or a fruit and veggie smoothie with protein powder. All of these should last you until lunchtime.

Remember, you can get in trouble with diet foods – for example low-fat foods often have added sugar. And sugar free can mean additional fat or artificial sweeteners.

Focusing instead on real, whole foods is the ticket to a healthy diet, healthy weight and healthy life!

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