Healthy Weight Loss

Healthy Weight Loss - what does that really mean?

Let's start with what healthy weight loss is not.

It is NOT:

• The fast way to lose weight
• The easy weight loss program
• The latest fad to lose pounds
• All about special diet foods
• How to lose weight quickly

If you are looking for the above, you've likely tried many other diets that haven't worked.

Have you had enough?

If you're ready for the healthy way to lose weight, you've come to the right place.

It starts with putting in good whole foods, which naturally pushes out the not so good for you foods.

So you don't have to focus on willpower and deprivation.

Instead, when your way of eating, and thus your body, is in balance, YOU:

• Experience healthy weight loss at a natural easy pace
• Actually WANT healthy foods
• Get rid of cravings
• Sleep better
• Have more energy
• Experience less stress
• Feel great

Does this sound good to you? Great!

Let's start with some easy and quick healthy weight loss tips:

1. Drink half your body weight in ounces of water each day. If you drink much less than this, start to increase water slowly and build up to it. Keep your water bottle with you at all times.

2. Visualize your plate split into: 1/2 veggies, 1/4 protein, 1/4 healthy carbs. Eat this way at home and when eating out.

3. Speaking of plates, serve your meal on a smaller plate (use smaller bowls and cups too) - it will feel more satisfying.

4. Eat good whole foods. They are typically not in a box or package.

5. Eat fresh as often as possible. Frozen fruits and vegetables without anything added are also fine.

6. Add fruits and veggies wherever you can. Add fruit to your cereal and lunch and veggies to soups and sauces. Cut out half the pasta and add a bunch of veggies instead.

7. Eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. If you eat broccoli for dinner every night, try green beans or cauliflower. If you always eat an apple, get more exotic and cut up a fresh pineapple. Try something you've never had before!

8. Move! If the word "exercise" or the thought of going to the gym makes you queasy, then find ways to move that you love. Run in the park with your dog or go dancing. And walking is always great and easy to fit in: park farther from work, take the stairs, or walk around the block at lunch time.

9. Focus on your food. In other words, don't multi-task. You will feel much more satisfied when you eat your food at the table without distractions (TV, computer, magazine) and enjoy every bite.

10. Outsmart the restaurants. Check out the menu (and nutritional information) online before you go, make a healthy choice and stick with it. Share appetizers, meals and desserts.

The Change Your Life Healthy Weight Loss Program is the best weight loss program - you not only learn about healthy eating and cooking but you learn to love yourself in the process - for the rest of your life.

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