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I help clients who want to know how to lose weight, get some nutrition help or simply be healthier overall.

We work face to face in Denver or over the phone - so even if you're busy or live outside Denver, we can work together. Both in-person and phone consultations work very well.

We certainly look at the food you’re eating, the exercise you’re getting and the lifestyle you’re living. We focus on good nutrition (which naturally pushes out the not-so-good food), adding exercise you enjoy and working within your busy schedule and lifestyle.

We work together on reasonable goals – and while I hold my clients to their goals, I do this with love and without judgment.

Importantly, we focus on HEALTH – this naturally leads to weight loss, more energy and feeling fabulous!

And yet, I often hear: "I know what I SHOULD be doing, but I'm not doing it!" Why? A big piece of the puzzle is the mental and emotional relationship to food.

What is emotional or compulsive eating? It’s eating, not when you’re hungry, but when you’re tired, stressed, lonely, bored – you get the picture.

In my opinion, we ALL emotionally eat!

Yes, including me!

I can tell you all day to up your nutrition by eating broccoli and brown rice but if we don’t address the emotional side of things, you’ll do what you’ve done before and go back to unhealthy eating and sabatoge your weight loss goals.

So how do we address the emotional relationship with food? We look holistically at all areas of life such as career, relationships, activity, and spirituality. When these areas of life are improved and going well, we are happy and don’t need to turn to food for comfort.

We also look at your relationship to yourself and your body.

Do you love yourself?

Do you love your body and all it does for you?

If you said “Yes”, good for you! However, most of us need to work on fostering this love of self and body – we do that in a caring and gentle way.

Check out the Change Your Life Program for these benefits:

• Experience long lasting weight loss
• Learn to listen to and love your body
• Make changes that will last a lifetime
• Improve your eating and cooking habits with easy healthy recipes
• Get fitness tips to incorporate activity you enjoy
• Stop your cravings and binges and achieve your ideal weight
• Experience a lasting increase in energy and vitality

Check out the Gentle Cleanse Program for these benefits:

• Release toxins and REALLY jumpstart weight loss
• Get the junk food out with healthy whole food nutrition, without starving
• Get rid of cravings
• Better digestion
• More energy
• More mental clarity
• Lessen symptoms such as aches, pains, and bloating

Do you want to replace limiting thoughts with empowering beliefs? Check out my Positive Thinking page where we look at these areas:

• Health and Body, including weight and smoking
• Relationships
• Spirituality
• Prosperity
• Self-esteem
• Grief and Loss
• Personal Power

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