Working With Susan 

My sessions are 1 1/2 hours - usually, the first half hour is listening and coaching so I can understand your individual needs.  What follows is the Reiki part of the session that is unique to you based on what we discussed earlier.  The focus can be on physical pain, mental clarity, emotional support, spiritual expansion or whatever you need.  

We work face to face in Omaha or over the phone - so even if you're busy or live outside Omaha, we can work together. Both in-person and phone consultations work very well.

Some of my specialties are:

Relieving Anxiety and Depression - we address what stressors are going on in your life, let go of negative energy and open up to peace, calm and joy.

Physical Pain - we focus on the area of pain, release blocks to healing, and bring in good healing energy.

Emotional Eating -  We look at all areas of life that aren't working so well for that is often the source of turning to food for comfort. We also address your relationship to yourself and your body. We release any negativity around this and bring in love for self.

Please contact me today to schedule your free initial health consultation! I keep your information confidential and will never spam you.

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