Testimonials - Change Your Life Program

“Susan’s nutritional programs and her gentle but firm approach to coaching have changed my life—and probably added years to it. After the 1-month cleanse program and the 6-month lifestyle change program, I have lost 30 lbs., gone from size 14 down to size 8, reversed my early stage diabetes and hypertension and improved my cholesterol panel. I’ve been able to stop taking blood pressure and cholesterol medications. I have fewer aches and pains, fewer sinus problems and I feel better than I have in years. Susan taught me how to eat all over again—in a way that I can eat for the rest of my life. The program has so many helpful tools to look at all facets of eating and lifestyle. I would recommend Susan to anyone looking to improve diet and health. I’m forever grateful for her work and her support!”

Janet Baltz, RN, Denver, CO

Susan has a great coaching style – she's easy to talk to, a great listener and best of all doesn't judge. I loved the handouts and the sessions really helped me to make the connection between what I put in my body and how it affects me in my daily life - my immune system, mood, energy and everything else. I love that it's not just about nutrition - the time with Susan gave me the space to reflect on my life; this awareness and support has enabled me to continually self-reflect and I am more proactive in improving many areas of my life.

Melissa, Personal Trainer, Denver, CO

I thought I was pretty knowledgeable but Susan expanded my horizons around fitness, nutrition and wellness. Her very pertinent questions helped me to have much more focus and awareness around what I’m doing and eating and how I feel and respond to food and exercise. I appreciate that Susan came from the corporate world so understands issues like eating healthy on the road. Best of all I see the results – I lost two dress sizes and look and feel great!

Sheila – Insurance, Ontario, Canada

Since working with Susan, I am much more conscious about the food I put into my body, am cooking more and eating less processed food. Very notably, I’m eating less candy and even gave up my Diet Cokes – I tried one after giving them up and it tasted horrible! I am getting into meditation and am much less stressed. I am learning to explore my inner self to see what it is I really want to do with my life. I appreciate Susan’s flexibility and her well-rounded program that has helped to bring balance into my life.

Cheryl – Insurance, Chicago, IL

Through working with Susan, I have much more awareness around food and exercise and how it makes me feel. Limiting alcohol consumption and portion control during mealtime has helped greatly with energy levels. Susan encouraged me to take more time for myself, meditate and explore my creative side - I'm even taking guitar lessons! She has definitely found her calling in life and I would recommend her to anyone.

Chuck – Finance, Denver, CO

Susan is very knowledgeable about food and nutrition and has lots of great ideas on how to approach different challenges. I’ve really looked forward to each session: learning something new, the great recipes and handouts, and creating new goals each time. There is just the right balance between goal setting and encouragement. I feel better, have more energy and am cooking more often! I am not eating as much sugar and am much more aware of the sugar content in foods. Susan is a great listener and a fabulous coach. I would definitely recommend her program.

Cheryl – Court Reporter, Denver, CO

I needed Susan’s support to shake things up in my life – I am finally looking at the things I have ignored for so long! I have so much more awareness around food and nutrition and have cut sugar out of my diet. I am committed to exercise and have greatly reduced caffeine. She has even helped me with my sleep issues. Everyone could benefit from Susan’s counseling!

Lee – Insurance, Denver, CO

Susan helped me to have more awareness around food and to listen to my body. I am cooking more, eating less sugar, sleep better and feel good. My wedding dress is looser and I recently pulled out my skinny clothes! I like Susan’s easy going style, she doesn’t give me a complex or judge me around my eating or goals.

Lisa – Insurance, Hartford, CT

Susan’s counseling has not only changed my life but the lives of my family. I am amazed that I’m completely off caffeine and my kids ate kale and spinach – and liked it! I have much more energy and much less crabbiness. Having accountability to Susan encouraged me to achieve my goals of walking, cooking more, eating healthier snacks, de-cluttering my life and having a gratitude journal – I am indeed grateful for Susan’s excellent coaching.

Sheryl – Insurance, Omaha, NE

Testimonials - Cleanse

“It was an amazing process working with Susan. My main concerns were my digestive problems and low energy level. Within the first week of my cleanse, I could feel my body returning to a place of wholeness, balance and harmony. Three weeks later and 15 pounds less, my energy is fabulous, my digestive system has balanced and I’ve given up a 20 year “6 pack a day” Diet Coke habit and developed some great new lifestyle changes that I know will enhance every area of my life.”

- Jeff Hammerberg

“This cleanse was easy to do and I gained important knowledge about the food I eat. I lost weight, and added more nutritious foods to my diet. I highly recommend this system to make lifestyle changes to boost health and energy.”

– Michelle Corriell, owner, Harmony Yoga

“I thought I knew a lot about food and nutrition, but I still was not losing weight. I lost some weight doing this cleanse but more importantly I learned the eating habits that had held me back. I intend to use this self-knowledge that Susan provided for the rest of my life!”

– Tea Schook, Realtor

“It was interesting to find out that the foods I thought I couldn’t live without weren’t missed at all!”

– Ronnie Ray, Mortgage Consultant

“I feel better than I’ve felt for such a long time! This cleanse taught me to listen to my body and how much my feelings are connected to my physical well–being.”

– Joanne Lewis, Teacher

“I finally feel that I can lose weight and keep it off. Through a focus on health versus deprivation, I lost more weight in 3 weeks on Susan’s program than 2 years with Weight Watchers!”

- Cindy Francis, Bookkeeper

"I loved sharing ideas and thoughts every week and incorporating all aspects of health, not just food. Best of all I felt great!"

- Amy Kline

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