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Susan Kimball, Reiki Practitioner, Denver 


The Many Benefits of Reiki:

Reiki healing is beneficial to all living things, no matter one’s current health. It knows to flow naturally to any and all areas that are out of balance.  Reiki therapy treats the whole being consisting of body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many positive effects that include:

·         Energizes the body

·         Helps to relieve pain

·         Relieves stress

·         Helps you sleep

·         Supports emotional and mental wellbeing

·         Promotes a deep meditative state

·         Brings clarity and awareness

·         Enhances spiritual connection

·         Boosts your circulation and immune system

·         Assists with healing before and after surgery

·         Boosts creativity

·         Promotes natural self-healing

·         Releases blockages in your body (e.g. showing up as inflammation)

·         Releases blockages in your mind (e.g. showing up as procrastination)

·         Releases blockages in your spirit (e.g. showing up as depression)

·         Adapts to whatever you need in that moment

·         Brings balance to body, mind and spirit

About Susan Kimball, Reiki Practitioner

I have worked for many years helping clients with holistic health, focusing on nutrition, lifestyle coaching and emotional/mental/spiritual coaching.  Reiki seemed like a natural fit - it is all about healing, maintaining health and being energized from the inside out. 

While I practice authentic Usui style Reiki, I also allow intuitive Reiki to flow through me, customizing each session for your needs.  This can translate into abundace prosperity Reiki, chakra healing and other non-traditional Reiki aspects such as affirmative prayer to close our time together. 


What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing modality that opens up the flow of life force energy, often called chi, promoting physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. 

Reiki is made up of two words:  “Rei” meaning Spiritual Wisdom or Universal Power and “Ki” meaning Life Force Energy, so Reiki means Universal Life Force Energy.  Reiki treats the whole being, creating many helpful results including balance and well being. 

Reiki healing enhances your body’s natural ability to heal yourself and is never harmful.  While Reiki therapy is not connected with any religion, it is spiritual in nature.

How Does Energy Come Into Play?

All living entities give and receive energy.  We breathe in and out.  We nourish our bodies with food which gives us energy to expend exercising or just living.  If we don’t have enough food or if it is not good food, it will deplete our physical energy. 

Like with good food, if our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies are well nourished, we will thrive and be happy and healthy.  However, if our life force energy is low, it may show up as inflammation, illness, stress, pain, depression and overall imbalance.

We know to be in balance, we need to nourish ourselves with good food, physical and mental exercise, being outside, playing and loving every day.  Unfortunately this doesn’t always happen in our daily lives – so we are inevitably out of balance and out of energy.  

Reiki healing therapy brings balance and energy to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves – with our energies restored, we can live life more fully and happily.

What is a Reiki Treatment Like?

You are in a relaxing atmosphere, with gentle music, laying fully clothed on a massage type table (there is no massage involved).  Susan places both hands on (or above) your body.  You may feel heat or coolness and you may fall asleep briefly. You may also even see, feel or hear divinely guided information that can lead to solutions, new ideas or a sense of peace.  You will likely feel deeply relaxed.

Reiki Research

Research on Reiki is fairly new and it is not always easy to scientifically study an integrative therapy such as Reiki.  However, remember:  aspirin was used with clear benefits for 70 years before science began to understand how it works!  Studies to date have typically been small and not all are well designed.  However,  some of the stronger studies support the ability of Reiki healing to reduce pain and anxiety and suggest it is useful in helping with relaxation, fatigue, depression and overall wellbeing.

The work of the Center for Reiki Research suggests "Reiki shows some promise as a noninvasive tool for healing at the physical and nonphysical levels, particularly regarding the alleviation of pain, depression, and anxiety.”  Research in the area of Reiki in elderly and long-term care facilities show reductions in pain, anxiety, stress and physical symptoms as well as improved coping, self-care and wellbeing.  Several studies have documented Reiki’s effectiveness in nursing care, including within oncology, critical care and pre and post procedures.

Reiki healing used as self-care for health care professionals has the potential for increasing job satisfaction and reducing burnout.  Nurses and other health care professionals reported feeling less irritated and more compassionate, grounded, alert, peaceful and empowered.


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