Stressed? De-Stress Now!

You've been stressed if at any time your boss gets on your nerves, your schedule is packed or your relationship could use an overhaul.

It has a huge negative effect on both our physical and mental health.

Some studies report that 85 percent of diseases have stress-related factors and in fact the leading six causes of death in the United States are linked to it: heart disease, cancer, lung ailments, accidents, cirrhosis of the liver, and suicide.

Other health issues such as immune deficiency, memory loss and obesity are also influenced by all the tension and pressure in our lives.

Globally, more than 3 out of 5 doctor visits are for stress related problems.

So, what’s a burned out corporate rat or stay at home mom to do?

Here are some tips to keep your tension at bay:

• Exercise – this can be anything from walking to weight lifting to yoga, but the key is to do what you enjoy
• Eat well – eat healthy whole foods and reduce or eliminate sugar, caffeine, junk food and alcohol
• Get your sleep – lack of sleep puts the body under pressure and leads to unhealthy eating
• Quit smoking!
• Take time for you – a burned out you is not only no fun for you but for others around you; read a book, take a bubble bath or play with your pet
• Organize – a messy desk or house clutters the mind, take time to organize your life and notice the calm

Think positive – a good attitude goes a long way to easing tension
• Journal – write out your anxious thoughts, what you are grateful for or whatever comes to mind

Meditate - proven to ease and calm the mind, start with just 5 minutes
• Start small – don’t overwhelm yourself with a huge project or to-do list; focus on the highest priority and break projects into smaller pieces
• Just say no – you don’t have to do it all or even part of it for that matter if it isn’t what you want to do
• Put love first – whether it’s your significant other, spirituality or your pet make time to nourish your soul and rely on your support system

Everyone is unique – pick just two from the list above to start focusing on today. Breathe deep and enjoy.

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