Awaken to the Reiki Consciousness Within

As You Attain Your Level I & II Reiki Certification

What You Will Experience:

This 6-day intensive training awakens you to the Heart of Reiki while providing certification as a Reiki Level I and II Practitioner.  These classes offer a perfect blend of spirituality, science and practicality. 

The Reiki will be brought to life for you through comprehensive instruction, meditations, guided visualizations and a variety of energetic exercises. 

Through multiple sacred attunements, your heart and your hands will be empowered with the Reiki, and you will be taught how to use your connections to the Reiki to give both hands-on and absentee treatments. 

You also will be taught how to use the Reiki symbols to empower these treatments and to work with special needs such as mental/emotional imbalances.  Ample time will be provided for practice and for answering all of your questions. 


Join Us and Experience a Unique and Powerful Reiki Training Unlike Any Other Taught!


The Many Potential Benefits of Reiki:

·        Supports emotional and mental well-being:  relieves stress, brings clarity and awareness, boosts creativity, improves communication and relationships

·        Supports the body: reduces pain, enhances sleep, boosts your circulation and immune system, assists healing before/after surgery

·        Supports the spirit:  promotes a deep meditative state, enhances connection to multiple dimensions of your higher self, increases intuitive abilities, awakens mindfulness and living in the present, increases joy

·        Brings balance to body, mind and spirit


Reiki Level I:

October 27-29 (Fri 1:00-6:00, Sat 9:00-6:00,             Sun 9:00-5:00)

Reiki Level II:

November 17-19 (Fri 9:00-6:00, Sat 9:00-6:00,          Sun 9:00-5:00)


Reiki Level I: $550, Reiki Level II:  $750

                            SAVE $300!                            Pay for both Reiki Level I & II by September 30:  $995

Taught by:

         Reiki Master Bonnie Buddin, Ph.D          Reiki Master Susan Kimball, M.A.


            Denver Center for Integrative Reiki:             1231 Parker Road, Suite 101, Denver 80231


        For questions & to register: contact               Susan Kimball at,         303-748-2521